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Launching Delta Forst International fz llc

Dear Partners,

Today we launch here in the United Arab Emirates, DELTA FORST INTERNATIONAL FZ LLC (DFI), a DESIGN and ENGINEERING Company (DFI).

JP during the ascention of the Mount Ventoux at 1911m in August 2015

After a few months well deserved break but always attentive to international market, I came to meet the young and very enthusiastic Engineers from Delta-Techniques in Tarascon, France, they enlightened me to a different way of tackling engineering. First and foremost, not to accept the misconceptions of approaching engineering, as it is often practiced, by selling hours but to deliver a new conception of our core business to various Industries including Energy, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Infrastructure, Harbor works, Steel Mills, Fabricators and now a very specific sector, Subsea and Marine.

For over forty years already I have embraced a career in the Oil & Gas Industry and more particularly in the Offshore sector. In fact when I joined University early seventies in France, I could not imagine doing anything else except for dedicating my entire life to sport but the outcome of the Munich Olympics saw my vision of sport taking a drastic turn. Coming from a family of French settlers, the call from different horizons echoed in me and the international market did open these new horizons. As it often happens, a chance encounter in Marseilles, at a traffic light, decided that my career will be in the subsea world and this is when I joined COMEX Services in 1975 as a Project Administrative. After a spell of 3 years in the North Sea, Aberdeen and Stavanger, I was posted in South East Asia, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia principally, where I spent 26 years until I decided to move to the Middle East in early 2005.

This is when I created Forst International Ltd, a Consultancy Company specializing in Marine and Subsea Services. During this period I have been principally involved in major projects in Venezuela, Denmark, Poland, Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa to name a few with Gulmar/Harkand, Superior Offshore and AOS. Then after few months break, I met the founders of Delta Techniques and we decided to create Delta Forst International FZ LLC.

We are convinced that our new Design and Engineering branch in Dubai will bring to your respective esteemed organization the answer to your always demanding requirements for new construction / installation, maintenance and repairs Projects, onshore and or Offshore.
Our Dubai premises are being installed and depending on the urgency of your requirements, we might have to use our France facilities in Tarascon to start. Whatever the situation we just can guarantee you that the Group has the resources to meet your expectations.


Sincerely Yours

Jean-Pierre Fontanille
Executive Director